Take Control of Your Purchasing

A Simple Purchase Order Approval System for QuickBooks

What is eRequisition™?

eRequisition™ is a powerful, yet, flexible Purchase Order Approval System.

What does that mean? Cut down the time it takes to create a purchase order by removing the manual paper-based system. Create a Purchase Request in just a few clicks, then the Purchase Request will be routed through a series of approvers. Upon final approval the Purchase Request is turned in Purchase Order and Synced into QuickBooks. 

Is eRequisition right for you?

Evaluating software can be  time consuming, let us help! By answering “Yes” one or more of these questions could be eRequisition is right for you.

QuickBooks Integration

Remove the manual data entry with eRequisition’s powerful QuickBooks integration.

Do you require purchasing approvals?

Require the approval of high ranking employees if a Purchase Request exceeds a certain amount.

Do you need access in or outside of the office?

eRequisition offers a complete cloud-based application.

eRequisition Setup Process

Connect QuickBooks

Create eRequisition users & setup their requisition routing